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Gran Canaria

A piece of paradise in the south of Europe

Gran Canaria is often named the island of eternal spring, due to its incredible climate. On the Canary Islands there are no heavy fluxes in temperature, during the winter it doesn’t get too cold, and in the summer it doesn’t get too warm. The balanced climate of the islands always stays within 20°C-30°C, all year round, thereby making it one of the places with the best climatic conditions in the world. In this climate people with heart or circulatory problems or even any sort of respiratory issues feel better than in any other part of Europe. People suffering of allergies or asthma are able breathe in without restrictions, elderly feel fitter and more active. Even an athlete will find somewhere where he can follow up his dream, whether he looks for golf, sailing, surfing or trekking. Gran Canaria has a lot to offer, and this 365 days a year.

Living where people spend there holidays

A lot of north-europeans choose to stay in Gran Canaria during the winter, and later on decide to move to here. The advantages are clear. The canary islands are part of Europe, and can be reached with middle length flights from about any major city for a very small price. The canary islands are at the southmost point of Europe and boast of the unique climate which is accompanied by a numerous hours of sunshine, even in winter. There is an excellent health care everywhere on the islands. Vaccinations are not required to be able to take a careless stay.
The many beaches, the breathtaking mountainous terrain and all the posibilities in sports make Gran Canaria into an excellent place to go for holiday or increasingly to move in.

Why a property in Gran Canaria?

  • Short flight from Europe, direct flights from all European international airports.
  • Die ideal climate
  • Vast Sport and Golf options
  • No vaccinations required
  • Political Stability
  • No criminality
  • Excellent Medical care in all languages
  • Diversity of the island through nature and unique plants.

10 km long sandy beaches, 9 golf courses, sports facilities such as cycling, walking and a healthy climate, make a stay in Gran Canaria unique.
While in Spain a large real estate recession is the reality, the real estate market in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and the south of Gran Canaria has remained stable due to the demand by the millions of tourists who annually visit this unique island.